Write a paragraph and show the ‘academic’ (AWL) words in it

There are 2 tasks in this assignment: 1) write a paragraph, and 2) show the ‘academic’ (AWL) words in it. You must work alone on this assignment. Do NOT get help from anyone. Do NOT share your work. 1) WRITING TASK Write a paragraph (160-180 words) using the PEEL structure: Point-Explain-Example-Link. Do NOT research the topic on the internet or use any other source – just write using your own ideas. NO references – this writing is just information from your own knowledge. Use formal academic style. No personal stories. Plan your paragraph first. Format: Type your paragraph into a WORD document. (No ZIP file, no .PDF file, no .page file) Use font size 12. Double-line spacing. All margins 2.5cm. Type your name, student ID and the word count of your paragraph at the top of the page. 2) ACADEMIC WORDS (AWL) TASK Copy and paste your paragraph into Vocabprofile of https://www.lextutor.ca/vp/eng/. (For how to use this website, see the video “AWL Words” in Canvas > Modules > Week 2). Then, in your written paragraph document, (a) Report the word profile percentages for your paragraph: 1K words 2K words AWL words Offlist words (b) List all the AWL words from your paragraph with their sublist number (1-10)

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