What is a Homework Help Service?

Homework Help Services Explained

A homework help service basically helps learners get a better understanding of schoolwork. They do this through the delivery of original, custom-written sample papers. Students can then study the sample papers and use them as guides to write their own.

The custom writing industry is growing fast contrary to expectations. Most companies operate in different niches despite providing more or less the same service. The majority of academic help websites operate a homework help service, dissertation writing service. Others include a thesis writing service, as well as editing and proofreading services.

Roles of the homework help service

The homework help service acts as a proxy through which professional essay writers interact with students. Essentially, the client and the essay writer never communicate directly.

The homework help service ensures that both the client and writing expert fulfill their responsibilities. Clients provide instructions and pay for the help they get. On the other hand, professional essay writers deliver sample essays as per the clients’ requirements. The essay writing service also acts as a mediator in case of disagreements between the client and essay writer.


The company providing the homework help service acts as the accountant. It handles payments and implements measures that make sure all parties get value. Once a client pays for an order, the service assigns the task to the best academic writer available.

In the meantime, the company holds on to the funds until the writer delivers a paper that satisfies the client’s needs. The service only releases the money to the writer once the client is content with the paper. Thus, many essay writing services have a money-back-guarantee that they invoke in case a paper does not meet requirements.

Writer selection

You may be wondering how a service like ours assigns writers to work on your paper. The writer selection process starts way before you place your order. Our homework help service receives thousands applications from freelance academic writers from all over the world. We evaluate potential writers vigorously before allowing them to declare their interests in helping you do your homework.

The evaluation ensures that writers who serve you meet the criteria you desire. These include mastery of their subject areas, language, time management, and delivery of plagiarism-free work. It is worth stating that writer evaluation does not cease at the recruitment stage.

Writers undergo periodic evaluations to ensure that they continuously uphold the academic writig standards. Any writer who meets the set criteria can bid for your paper. However, the writing service always assigns orders to the best writer available.


Every homework help service must give its clients a window within which they can seek amendments to submitted papers. This gives the client time to go through the custom essay to ascertain that it meets requirements.

The typical amendment period is two weeks or fifteen days after the submission of the sample essay. This can also apply after the expiration of the deadline the client gave. Within this period, writers commit to revise their submissions until they satisfy clients’ needs.

Changing instructions

It is important to note that amendment requests must be within the scope of the original requirements. These requirements act as “contractual agreements” between the client and the homework help service on one side, and the academic essay writer on the other.

Any amendments that fall outside the original instructions are treated as new work and fees levied accordingly. Therefore, it is important that clients verify all requirements before placing an order. This shields them from getting additional charges through amended requirements.

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