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Change management and physical restructuring of the Irish Defence Forces

Change management and physical restructuring of the Irish Defence Forces

Introduction and background to the project The Irish Defence Forces are the armed services of the Irish Military consisting of Naval Services, the Air Corps, the Army (covering ground and air operations) and the Reserve Defence Forces consisting of part-time military members. Commissioned officers in the Defence Forces are granted their commissions by the President […]

AI Support with Amazon’s shipping department

Business Impact: 750 words-900 words Graphics and Illustrations (>=3 illustrations or graphics) (上面两个部分需要完成 下面部分是之前的data source 可供参考) Sources: 小组之前一起找的 可以参考 What sources have you found and where do you intend to include them in the paper/presentation? The general background of where and how Amazon started their artificial intelligence breakthrough and how they reworked the entire […]

History of Moral and Political Philosophy

David Hume - History of Moral and Political Philosophy

In his Enquiry concerning Morals Hume writes: “Were there a species of creatures intermingled with men, which, though rational, were possessed of such inferior strength, both of body and mind, that they were incapable of all resistance, and could never, upon the highest provocation, make us feel the effects of their resentment; the necessary consequence, […]

Analyze a series of urban legends and explain the significance of their transmission and repetition

Urban Legends: Too good to be true

Analyze a series of urban legends and explain the significance of their transmission and repetition. Urban legends reveal social fears, anxieties, and tensions. You will analyze a set of urban legends and explain how they each treat a common fear, anxiety, or tension. First, you will explain the significance of studying urban legends. How does […]

Review instances of conversion that appear in the Xavier letters and the Mills/Taylor sources.

Owing in large part to Hollywood and often because of our own sympathy or antipathy towards religion, we tend to overlook the fact that Christianity was spread by individuals. Over the course of our semester, we have seen both laymen and clergy engaged in the task of “making Christians,” often through conversation and persuasion, yet […]

Intercultural Business Communication Homework

Cultural Profile – Your Learning      . Discuss what you learned from your Cultural Profile. Did the results from the profile accurately describe you? According to the results of the profile, how did you compare with the norms of the culture of your native country? What were some similarities? What were some of the differences?                                                                              […]

Thomas Aquinas, “The Five Ways” The Argument with Analysis

This translation is from the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas, Second and Revised Edition, translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province,1920. This translation is now in the public domain. The analysis of the argument which follows is © 2004 Theodore Gracyk and is used with attribution. It is often assumed that the Ways […]

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