Reaching for the Cloud

For this week’s case, your response will be an open-ended one rather than answering specific questions. Even though the case asks some specific questions related to SAP’s cloud strategy (see Page 14, 2nd paragraph of the “Reaching for the Cloud” section; the questions begin with “How could SAP guarantee the quality and service its customers…”), your assignment is to address SAP’s OVERALL strategic direction as one of the leading enterprise systems vendors in the marketplace. In other words, we are going to take “reaching for the cloud” as a metaphor that not only includes their cloud strategy but their desire to remain a dominant player in the software industry.


Your response should be Seven (7) double-spaced pages (12 point Times New Roman font; one-inch margins top/bottom/left/right/APA style/min 3 citations) and address all of these topics introduced in the case and also discussed in our class:


  1. Enterprise systems module portfolio (e.g., accounting; HCM; CRM; etc.)
  2. Marketplace and competition
  3. Their strategy for HANA and data management in general
  4. Cloud-based solutions
  5. Professional and consulting services




GRADING RUBRIC FOR CASE #4: Each of the 5 topics above is worth 5 points. You will receive a full 5 points for delivering a well-articulated section that conveys how well you understand the topic and how well you have applied what we have discussed in class to the SAP case. Each section  needs to include a statement of the major challenges SAP faces for the respective topics; what their critical success factors (CSFs) are; what their timelines should be for whatever it is you think they should accomplish; etc. Feel free to conduct additional online research if desired.

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