Python teaching proposal for Tangelo Aerospace

Pretend you are from computer science department in Cal State Barstow (any position will work), and you received the request of proposal from Tangelo Aerospace. The company wants to introduce programming language python to the employees, so they want you to write a proposal for starting a python course in the company. Assume the company will provide computer facilities, and we want to make money for the university.

Here are the notes about this assignment:

Proposal:   Tangelo Aerospace

People in CS degree, teach them python because the company want them to know new technologies.

Assume the company will provide computer facilities

We want to make money for the university.

Lecture by lecture what are you going to teach

Two courses a week, 4 to 6 in the afternoon. The first hour is paid by the company.

Instructor: interested in teaching, master’s degree

How much do we need to pay the instructor?

How python is used for AI thing (deep search! online)

Write a letter proposal     salacity proposal

A part

On-going personal & profession relationship between me and the person I’m sending my requests to

Thank for the RFP (requirement of proposal)

Scope of proposal

Statement of situation

Summary of Cal State Barstow’s qualification. (back in when and when we did something for your before)

Benefits of the proposal

Outline of general organization of proposal

B part:

Short summary of proposed instructor’s background (xx as a PHD from some famous university, has worked numbers of air space company, good leader something like that)

                Refer to attachment

 Short Summary of course; refer to attachment

Statement of Tangelo’s responsibilities.

 Cost Information (just a table)

Contact hour 350/hour

Cost of instruction:

                Meals $10 Breakfast $15 Lunch $25 Dinner

                Mileage                50cents per mile 60 cents per mile



                Benefits of accepting proposal

                Unique of qualification of CSB

                What will happen next(action)

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