Our pricing regime reflects the difficulty and expertise needed to complete a task as well as the urgency of delivery. Consequently, difficult, urgent tasks cost more than simple ones with long deadlines. The table below shows the rates per page for essays, which depend on the academic level and the urgency of the delivery.

High SchoolBachelor’sMaster’sDoctoralProfessional
12 hrs$26.31$28.99$34.69$39.21$43.46
1 day$22.31$24.99$30.69$35.21$39.46
2 days$21.31$23.99$29.69$34.21$38.46
3 days$20.31$22.99$28.69$33.21$37.46
4 days$19.31$21.99$27.69 $32.21$36.46
5 days$18.32$21.00$26.70$31.22$26.92
10 days$15.33$18.01$23.71$28.23$32.48