Can I pay someone to do my homework?

Am I the only person who has considered paying someone to do my homework? Certainly not! I have done it at least thrice and I have to admit that the results were amazing! Not only did I learn how to answer academic prompts better, but also got excellent grades affordably. So, what would drive a student to pay an academic ghostwriter to do his or her homework?

Why pay someone to do my assignment?

Students often opt to pay academic ghostwriters to do their homework for several reasons. These include lack of sufficient time or knowledge, outright laziness, or affluence.

i. Insufficient time to do my homework

Quite often, students find themselves so busy that they barely have enough time for their schoolwork. This happens when they take part in activities other than schoolwork. These may include part-time employment, sports, parenting, and even caregiving. For instance, a young parent may have to work double shifts to feed, clothe, and house his or her young family. This would leave the parent with very little time to take part in schoolwork such as homework writing. Consequently, such a parent may find it necessary to pay someone to do his or her assignment or online class altogether. Alternatively, one may seek to engage a private expert tutor either in person or online. Those who choose to go with the former often contact a homework service with a proven record of reliability to take on college homework.

ii. Poor mastery of the subject

Most students pay someone to do their homework because they do not have sufficient knowledge to do their assignments correctly yet they want a good grade. This could simply be because they lack confidence. Alternatively, they may abscond classes or fail to read for one reason or the other.

In the pursuit of a perfect paper, many college students will seek an expert writer for assistance particularly with complex disciplines such as statistics homework, accounting homework, and math homework among others. Thus, they feel more comfortable hiring academic ghostwriters to fill in for their shortfalls.

iii. I want to pay someone to do my homework because I am lazy

There are always students who have no interest in anything, including their studies. They would rather take part in counter-productive activities such as video games or abuse drugs. As such, they never do their homework not because they cannot, but because they are too lazy. Consequently, their best option is to pay a classmate or a custom college essay writing service to do their assignment. This often happens when a student has to write a dissertation, which involves a lot of research and writing. A homework writing service comes in handy in such a case as it relies on an experienced homework helper. The result is normally a quality term paper that is free of plagiarism. Hence, the student earns a good grade.

iv. I have a lot of money. Why shouldn’t I pay someone to do my homework?

Many young people from affluent backgrounds find it normal to pay people to do pretty much everything on their behalf. Why should homework be any different? Believing that their lives are already secured for generations to come, schoolwork becomes an impediment that eats into their precious time. They normally have priority tasks that make them have no desire or time to do their own homework. Rich kids would rather spend time on yacht trips or camping than attend to their homework. Instead, they hire a homework company that comes with the surety of the services of a professional writer and an excellent paper.

Is it okay to pay someone to do my homework?

The decision to seek someone’s assistance with your homework often attracts a lot of criticism. However, it is important to note that opinions about homework assistance are highly subjective.

Lecturers & professors:

Universities and colleges administer assignments and online homework to gauge students’ mastery of coursework. Thus, they are totally against the idea of getting assignment help from an academic ghostwriter. They argue that it makes the homework assignment lose meaning as they would be evaluating third parties rather than students. However, this perception is misplaced as a student is only allowed to seek guidance from a model paper as he or she attempts the task on his or her own.


Learners who pay others to help do their homework know that they cannot do them on their own for one reason or the other. Aware that their future depends on academic success, such students go all out to make sure that they get good grades to help them get good GPAs. The idea of paying academic ghostwriters to do their essays, research papers, dissertations or thesis is, therefore, a life-savor. Thus, discourse on whether they should pay a professional writer to help write an essay is neither here nor there.

Custom Writing Services:

These are registered companies that generate sample academic content. Their portfolio includes writing from scratch, editing, and proofreading services. They normally craft model papers with the sole purpose of providing clients with reference materials. Thus, students must cite the model papers accordingly if they want to use them in their own work. Consequently, homework help services find it in order to offer assistance at each academic level.

The Law:

The issue surrounding the use of college custom writing services is neither criminal nor civil. Even in cases where it is abused, it is a moral issue that has nothing to do with the law.

Why it is okay to pay someone to do your assignment

Having considered various arguments and facts surrounding the act of paying someone to do your assignments, it is evident that:

  1. It is not illegal to use or run a homework help service.
  2. Students are at liberty to use scripts from custom writing services however they want provided that they do not amount to illegalities.
  3. Homework help services cannot be held responsible for what students do with scripts they receive from essay mills.
  4. Universities and colleges have the responsibility to set up systems to make sure that students do not submit plagiarized work.

What do I look out for before I pay someone to do my homework?

Having established that you can commission someone to help answer your homework question, it is imperative that you actually get someone that will deliver. But just how do you go about it?

Qualifications –

First, whoever you chose to engage must not only be a graduate in your area of study, but also one who got an excellent GPA. While this is easy to establish if you are dealing with a homework company (they vet researchers/writers in advance), you would need to ask for evidence (diplomas or transcripts) if dealing with individuals. Check every grade for the course you need assistance with. This is key to ensuring that you get quality papers that meet the standards you desire.

Trustworthy –

Second, you need to make sure that the entity will actually deliver per your agreement. It is advisable to carry out in-depth research to make sure that the individual has a good reputation – not just missing a negative one. Visit his or her social media pages (for an individual) or trusted customer feedback platforms to get a hunch on what others are saying about the person or company you are about to trust with your schoolwork.

Free Amendments –

The service provider must commit to offering revisions free of charge in the event that you are not satisfied with a submission.

Money-back guarantee

Any legitimate custom writing service that you pay to do your homework must have a mechanism to give your money back in case it fails to satisfy your needs even after making amendments. To this end, make sure that they use a payment service that supports refunds such as PayPal.

Customer Service –

Finally, the best indicator of a good homework help service manifests in how its support team treats customers. Try to engage the company or individual via email, call, or chat before committing to work with them. Be on the lookout for response times, language, and tone. Take off if you come across any red flag!

Having considered the above factors, you can go ahead to pay someone to help do your homework with peace of mind knowing that you will get value for money.