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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business

Alternative Dispute Resolution: A conflict diagnosis approach. Laurie S. Coltri. You are writing this essay as a Dispute Resolution specialist in your organization.. You are being asked to identify your knowledge of Dispute Resolution and to provide an overview of what you learned in the textbook. Your boss has asked you to pick five chapters […]

Mental Representations and the Mind-Brain Relationship

Details: The strong dualism position of Descartes suggests that the mind is fully separate from the brain, and that, therefore, there may be no detectable manifestation of representations in the brain. What some note as manifestations are called traces, and their existence has been argued over time. Brain scans suggest that nothing we remember can […]

California Propositions 60/90

California Propositions 60/90. Example source: http://www.boe.ca.gov/proptaxes/faqs/propositions60_90.htm#2 I need 10 Annotated Bibliographies from 10 different sources. Please use different kinds of sources. I attached the project guidelines. Please try your best to follow the characteristics to receive and “A” or a “B” grade. Click HERE to order this paper

Individual Programmatic Assessment: neurological, psychological, or neuro-developmental disorder

Select a neurological, psychological, or neuro-developmental disorder. Write a 2,450- to 3,500-word paper comparing and contrasting three therapeutic interventions used to treat this disorder. Compare measures of effectiveness, such as validity, efficacy, symptom and behavior management, and recidivism. One therapy should be cognitive in nature, one should be pharmacological in nature, and the third should […]

Describe and evaluate a company’s Pricing and Retail Strategy

Describe and evaluate a company’s pricing and retail strategy. Include analysis of the current market situation and the competitive strategy. Make sure to choose a company that you are familiar with and one that you have not used for other modules in the course. Your essay should cite and discuss at least three credible outside […]

“Health profit” is the same as a healthy public

Objective To understand “health profit” is the same as a healthy public. Confront rising disparities in Community Public Health and the rising disparities in populations health, market-oriented government budget policy, regulatory decontrol and rapidly profitizing of publicly insured health care. SUMMARIZE THE FOLLOWING TOPICS IN A TWO PAGE PAPER: Learning Outcomes 1. Discuss the Community […]

Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India

Read the “Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India” case study then answer questions. You should utilize the information in the case study as well as secondary sources to support your answers. Click HERE to order this paper

The Nature and Cycle of Real Estate Finance

Prepare a paper of at least 7 pages discussing the topic. The 7 pages are in addition to your title and reference page. It must be in proper APA format. You must demonstrate original thought in your paper – a book report consisting of several pages of quoted work with no original thought will not […]

The depletion of the ozone layer increases the risk of the skin cancer

First, choose this topic ( the depletion of the ozone layer increases the risk of skin cancer). Then, in this essay of 700-1000 words you will need to address these areas in SOME logical order: -Very brief introduction of the topic of your future research (its general context, the history behind it, what you know […]

Identifying Organizational Learning Issues

Suppose that your organization, or an organization with which you are familiar, is dealing with a major issue in transitioning individual learning (e.g., sharing knowledge, training programs, working as a team, experiences, procedures, processes, etc.) into organizational learning. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has asked you, as the Vice President of Human Resources, to assist […]

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