Differences between Theses and Dissertations

Differences between Theses and Dissertations arise from the purposes the two types of research papers serve. You are probably aware of the similarities and differences of these types of research papers if you are in the course of or have completed your postgraduate studies. It is important to note that these academic papers are normally products of research conducted by students aspiring to complete their postgraduate degrees. Postgraduate students are required to carry out extensive research studies and document them in detailed, well-organized, and fact-based research papers to earn their degrees. Order Thesis/Dissertation

Differences between Theses and Dissertations

Differences between theses and dissertations are manifest in their scope. While theses lay emphasis on primary research, dissertations focus on detail-oriented references to observations made by other scholars and authors. Whereas theses demand the use of original subjects, dissertations emphasize the synthesis of collective information and sources. Consequently, theses rely on primary research while theses are centered around secondary research and are employed in the doctoral and master’s levels respectively. Moreover, dissertations are lengthy essays whereas theses are briefs.

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