Comprehensive Organizational Risk Security Plan

Once you have analyzed your preliminary assessment (see attachment) to develop a list of security requirements (see attachment), you can move on to developing your comprehensive security plan. For this assignment create a security plan for your selected organization and include the following:
• Prioritizes risks for an organization and justifies rankings.
• Describe a full range of proposed actions to improve the security of an organization. Also include an incident response plan (IRP)
• Define physical security measures, such as alarms, environmental controls, backup power controls, emergency centers (if appropriate), and physical access controls or monitoring systems such as key cards, closed circuit video, or others.
• Explain the rationale for your physical security policies.
• Develops an integrated set of information assurance policies and procedures appropriate to the proposed security plan.
• Develops inclusive implementation plans appropriate to the proposed security plan.
• Describes a comprehensive set of potential barriers to security plan implementation.
• Fully describes potential solutions to resolve security plan implementation barriers.
• Creates a thoroughgoing security plan appropriate to an organization’s security requirements.

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