Checkout without a PayPal account

APWriters uses PayPal to process both PayPal and Debit/Credit Card payments. You can either pay using your PayPal balance or checkout using your credit or debit card (checkout without a PayPal account).

A. Checkout without a PayPal account

Select the Credit/Debit or PayPal option on the Checkout page.

how to buy an essay using PayPal

Accept the terms and conditions and press PROCEED TO PAYPAL.

B. Paying using PayPal Balance

Click Login

Enter your PayPal login credentials and proceed as directed.

How to checkout using your PayPal account

C. Paying using debit or credit card

i. Scroll to the bottom of the PayPal checkout page

ii. Select Guest Checkout (or Pay with Debit or Credit Card)

iii. Enter your card details and click Pay Now

How to pay using your card without linking it to PayPal

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