Are Essay Mills Illegal?

Are essay writing services illegal?Quite a lot has been said about essay mills with claims that they break the law and are, hence, illegal dominating discourse. However, those fronting this idea fall short of proving the illegality of such services. Let us look at this issue objectively:
Essay mills get requests for sample papers from clients who include students, businesspersons, and other members of academia. Such requests include term papers, essays, dissertations, business plans, and many other kinds of custom papers.

Custom writing services develop custom papers based on instructions they receive from their clients. Just as regular tutors do, custom writing services provide their clients with guidelines on how to handle their academic and business papers, albeit by providing working samples. The resultant sample academic essays are strictly meant to be used as guides; clients are required to use them to develop their own papers. Sometimes, however, some clients choose to hand in the working samples as their own work. This is where the problem lies. The decision to hand in a working sample paper as one’s own is more of an ethical issue than an illegality: I mean, which laws do essay mills break? What is the difference between a homework help service and a parent helping his son/daughter do his or her homework? Is the money the problem? Maybe!

Sites providing Essay Writing Services are particularly clear on this as is with Academic Paper Writers’ disclaimer “Our custom papers are for reference purposes only and should, therefore, not be used for any unauthorized or illegal activity”. This is unlike parents who actually help children do their homework and have them hand them in as is. It is, therefore, hypocritical to attack essay mills while academic assistance starts right in our homes!

Why use an essay writing service?

  • They help you understand the task at hand; this makes it easier for learners to deliver their papers.
  • Through their academic ghostwriters, essay writing services give different perspectives on how different solutions may apply to a problem.
  • The sample academic essays provide a step by step guide on how to approach a given problem. This helps you learners save on time that they would otherwise use to establish the same.

How do you select a good essay writing service?

Looking for an essay writing service? There are a few questions you should answer:

  • Do they have an excellent customer service?
  • Do they guarantee your privacy?
  • Are their prices competitive? – remember that cheap is expensive
  • Do they offer free amendments?
  • Do they have a refund procedure/money-back-guarantee?
  • Do they have legitimate positive reviews online?

If your answers to all these key questions are in the affirmative, you are well on your way to receiving professional essay writing services. Essay mills are legal, so do not hesitate to engage their services and make good use of them!

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