AI Support with Amazon’s shipping department

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The general background of where and how Amazon started their artificial intelligence breakthrough and how they reworked the entire company around AI support through Alexa. We plan on introducing some things regarding Ai support with this article and transition into the companies labor department and how they have rewired themselves to be AI driven:

This essay talks about how Amazon has shaped themselves around AI. The article focus on how AI helps Amazon to build and track customers preferences. This preferences enables Amazon to build a list of items that their customers are willing to buy. Also the essay talks about how the efficiency of using AI has risen Amazon´s revenue. It is said that AI is responsible for 35% of Amazon’s´revenue. We are going to use this information to explain how AI has facilitated the logistics at Amazon and also how was AI implemented in an important product like Echo and Alexa. At last, we want to use the information regarding the revenue in the financial part to emphasize on how AI has benefit Amazon.

By using this essay about “How AI and Anticipation Power Amazon´s 1-Hour deliveries, we are going to focus on how AI helps Amazon speed up their deliveries. AI is key to Amazon because it helps them shave off minutes from packaging and delivery by helping the Amazon team to predict how many products and what products do they expect their customers to buy across different sizes and colors. We are going to implement this information in our presentation by focusing on how Amazon is able to speed up the deliveries and how do they separate their different customers since they have prime and normal customers. Also, we are going to focus on how AI has helped them have stronger logistics and a more   process.

Discusses how their AI warehouses came to be as well as how each robot was developed. This article will help give an outline as to how this Ai warehouse shaped the Amazon giant and controls the means of shipping thousands of packages a day overnight.

It talks about Amazon shipping department utilized AI’s robots to carry out packages’ distribution. Artificial intelligence chooses the most efficient way route for every order even if in foul weather. Considering the real situation, we plan on combining the delivering analysis caused by different weather condition in order to make sure high efficiency.

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Amazon Warehouse Order Picking Robots

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We have some data regarding the financial analysis such as the amount Amazon spent on AI development in 2017 ($23 billion). We have some trouble finding records which display the amount they have made and or saved through the use of AI in Amazon’s shipping department. Once a proper amount of financial statements with regards to AI is found we plan on putting it towards the beginning of the paper then explaining as to the way the costs were needed.beginnings is that the Artificial intelligence supported Amazon shipping department.

This article is talking about how AI make people shopping on Amazon more easier and more convenience. Such like it will sign the package by area by it self and give people suggestion when they shopping by people research history.

This article talks about how AI is key to Amazon’s retail forecasting on steroids and its push to shave off minutes and seconds in the rush to prepare, pack and deliver With AI, computers analyze reams of data, making decisions and performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It also describes how AI is woven through every part of an Amazon purchase, from the website to the warehouses to the actual delivery to your doorstep.

Amazon Financial Statements